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シルバーペンダント -原石オパール-

シルバーペンダント -原石オパール-










- 天然石について -


<人生をいかに楽しむか> というイメージを持ち主に与え、苦しい時にも遊び心に満ちた発想やアイデアを生み出す手助けとなり、明るく前向きな生き方へと導いてくれます。


- 商品詳細 -



 シルバー (純度95%以上)


留め具 ・・・  シルバーフック


  長さ ・・・  47 cm

 チャーム ・・・ 15 x 10 x 7 mm

 オパール ・・・  10 x 7 x 6 mm




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About silver material

We use silver materials handcrafted by the Karen Tribe, a hill tribe in Southeast Asia.

It is a material with a purity of 95% or more and is unlikely to cause metal allergies.

The handmade warmth and fine workmanship, as well as the various ethnic patterns applied as amulets are attractive.

*Other metals may be used, please check the product page and materials.

About braided cords and core cords

We use a material called "low-biki string" purchased from Southeast Asia.

It has been used locally for a long time as a base for accessories, and is also a durable cord used for leatherwork.

The unique suppleness of cords creates an elegant and natural impression.
It is an accessory that can be worn on a daily basis and is resistant to water and sweat.

About custom orders

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests regarding the product.

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